Entwickler zu kommenden Änderungen an Sion, Rengar und Viktor

LoL - Sion Artwork

LoL - Sion ArtworkRegelmäßig nimmt Riot Games bei League of Legends Änderungen an den bestehenden Champions vor. Zu möglichen Anpassungen bei Rengar, Sion und Viktor äußerten sich in den letzten Tagen nun mehrere Mitglieder des Entwickler-Teams.

Morello über Sion

Lead Content Designer Morello ging vor Kurzem ausführlich auf das Rework von Sion ein, wobei er sich sowohl zum Spieler-Vorschlag äußerte, aus Sion zwei Champions zu machen, als auch seine Gedanken zum Champion äußerte.

Zitat von Riot

Zitat von Morello

Really well-laid out suggestions – thanks for taking the time to propose this in-depth.

Let me clear up one thing, though – there’s no world in which we make an old champion with a schizo kit into two complete champions. This is really about resource allocation usage and efficiency, as it obviously takes 2x the work to make 2x the champions, and whenever we’re doing one thing, we’re not doing another thing (and there’s lots to be done!) Sion being reworked faithfully is not worth another rework not coming out, another champion who brings something new, or any myriad of other fixes we could be doing.

Additionally, and while I understand very well the attachment people can have to a champion, I think retaining Sion faithfully is exactly what I don’t want to do. „Why?!“ you may ask!

Sion’s AD kit has some bare-bones tools that can apply well to a lifesteal guy, but those could use updating as well (AS on this guy…hmmmmm), but importantly, the AP kit has little-to-no counter play or interaction at all. There’s something to be said about the shield being interesting, but I think it’s bad when combined with a single target stun and as a burst nuke overall. Additionally, he’s basically a creative mess – a Zombie Axe guy that casts spells and does an assortment of disjointed things with old Arnold movie quotes. The only reason to even consider that is for legacy – which has value – but not enough on its own in many cases.

In this case, unlike someone like Urgot who is just niche, Sion is a low attachment character with low counterplay, interaction, and no creative hooks. What I do think could be interesting about Sion isn’t his kit, but the idea behind him – a massive, unmovable undead lifesteal tank. That has legs (heh) and can really be developed into a resurgence/HP Steal character befitting of the idea, and it gives us lots of opportunities with the art.

Thought I’d just update our direction here so you guys could see our thinking and there can be discussion. I know there will be people attached to original Sion, but in this case (and this is not by any means a default stance for me), I think it has to play second stage to making the character something not-bad.

Classick über Rengar

Bereits im Dezember vergangenen Jahres bestätigten die Entwickler, dass Rengar derzeit sowohl schwach als auch unbefriedigend zu spielen sei. Im Februar erklärte ZenonTheStoic dann zudem, dass Rengar schwer zu balancen sei, Designer Classick jedoch bereits einige Ideen für den stolzen Jäger habe.

Im offiziellen Forum äußerte sich Classick nun auch selbst zum aktuellen Stand der Dinge, wobei er u.a. versicherte, dass man nicht versuche, das Spielgefühl von Rengar zu verändern. Vielmehr sei es das Ziel, einige der nicht ganz so geschätzten Komponenten des Champions, die beim Balancing Probleme bereiten, anzupassen.

Zitat von Riot

Zitat von Classick

I may not be Morello, but figured I can provide some insight on the Rengar changes for you guys :-).

The main point to emphasize is that we’re not trying to change Rengar’s feel at all. What we do want to change is some of the not so appreciated components of Rengar that make him difficult to balance.

One of these problems is the fact that his Ferocity effects are more powerful based on the rank of the spell. As seen since Rengar’s release, builds that capitalize on double casting the ability you’re maxing has been problematic (early double Q all-in builds/Tank splitpush double W build). The current solution for this problem is scaling his Ferocity effects with his level across the board (like his heal currently does).

This will make the Ferocity effects equal in power regardless of what you are maxing, allowing you to choose the Ferocity effect that is best suited for the situation you are in instead of being obligated to use whatever spell you have the most points in. This will also allow us to put more power into his base stats and base abilities which should help with his jungle clear.

Another change we’re currently looking at is tweaking how his ultimate works. Currently Rengar jumps at you out of no where and it’s very hard to react to him because there’s not much information being conveyed to the opponent. Now when Rengar activates his ultimate all enemies that Rengar sees will be made aware that he’s in the area. What this does is gives the opponent more information so that they can react to the situation.

With this change it allows us to put a lot more power into the ultimate, increasing the duration and speed. While Rengar may lose the ability to jump on an unsuspecting enemy, it enables him to create really cool mind games and toy with his opponents which we’ve seen from internal testing. On top of that Rengar can get to a location much quicker and stay in stealth much longer retaining the feel of hunting down wounded opponents or scouting an area for priority targets.

Nothing here is set in stone but it’s currently the direction we’re going, hopefully that helps shed some light on the upcoming Rengar changes.

Edit: While Rengar may lose the ability to jump on an unsuspecting enemy is getting misinterpreted as his leap is being removed from his ultimate. Should have described this in another way :P, he still will keep his leap while the ultimate is active.

Solcrushed zu Viktor

In einem weiteren Thread bestätigte Live Game Designer Solcrushed zudem, dass Viktor nicht in Vergessenheit geraten sei und er die Arbeit daran in Kürze wieder aufnehmen werde. Dabei verriet er u.a. auch, dass er nicht plane, große Änderungen an Viktors Basis-Zaubern vorzunehmen.

Zitat von Riot

Zitat von Solcrushed

Hey guys, troll here.

First of all, I apologize for leaving you guys out in the dark for so long. I can cite a bunch of reasons why the Viktor thing has taken so long but I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear about that.

He has not been forgotten, and I will be working on it again as soon as I return to the states next week. (Currently in Korea)

EDIT: Reading this made me realize how amazingly informing this update in X months was. So..

The current place I am at is trying to figure out how complex I want to make his upgraded Cores since he’s already a very complex character (Although I am trying out a different upgrade from the leak months ago)

Zitat von Riot

Pretty much, I do not see myself changing his base spells too much other than synching ranges ./ moving things around a little.

He will always be a very high skillcap champion unless I decide to change his laser, and I don’t plan to become minced troll meat anytime soon. :0
I am aware that many players that play Viktor are drawn to him for his uniqueness and I will definitely be preserving that.

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